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Today, people are increasingly on the move. Our businesses run at a head-spinning speed. We need information right there and then. Our customer / member need to know their most up-to-date account status.

Have I maintenance for personal qualification this month ? How many member in my Network ? Where can I take the commission ? They want to know it all. Within seconds, no matter where they are. There is no time to queue at the front office. There is no time to open the computer. There is no time to call their phone service. Their mobile phone is the best device to access this information, as they race against time.

And the mobile phones now offer the low-cost, efficient service called short messaging system ( SMS ). Why not use it to meet customer’s demand ? All that you need is a flexible and expandable SMS application that works seamlessly with your existing Program Application System.

The Benefit of PineappleTech SMS :

  • Offers Low - cost Delivery Channel
  • Real time and non stop services 24 hours/day, days/week
  • No need to change / upgrade the mobile phone/ SIM Card, support all of mobile phone service provider eg : Telkomsel , Satelindo, ProXL, Indosat, Telkom Flexi, Mobile 8, etc
  • Tool for delivery information, promotion, etc faster and cheaper
  • Group Broadcast scheduling message automatically
  • Auto Responder
  • Increased Customer / Member
  • Loyalty and Enhances Corporate Image

Example Using SMS

For MLM Company
Commission/Bonus Information, Group Downline, PV Group, Monthly Personal Qualification, Statement bonus, Order Product, Broadcast Scheduling Message, etc

For Banking
Balance Account Inquiry, check clearing issued, Fund Transfer, Car-loan Issued, Time deposit due date, Late payment alerted, overdrafts, etc

For Hotel, Travel, Fast Food Restaurant, Hospital
Information for room rate, room booking, ticket issued, plane schedule, Package Tour issued, Product Ordering, etc

For Security Company & Money Changer
Information about Exchange rate, Stock Value, etc

For General Company
Product / Stock Information, Product ordering, Broadcasting for new product, Pooling, Internal Company used, etc

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