Offline Stockist
Application System

Offine Stockiest Applications System

Companies with a lot of stockiest usually found administration problems between stockiest and headquarter. For data centralization, the problems rose because high internet cost or slow internet connection in many cities in Indonesia.

The problems usually handle by using facsimile to send data, but it makes headquarter’s staff very busy to input and handle data. Those of data are : order, stock, sales, and new membership data, etc.

It made demand to found system or tool that can handle problem of integrated data from a lot of stockiest / branches.

Stockiest Application System is a program that very useful to input data at each stockiest, minimize problem of unclear data and increase efficiency of headquarter’s task.

Why Companies Need
Stockist Application System (SAS)
1 SAS provide efficiency of business process between stockiest and head office.
2 SAS minimize unneeded work done by headquarters staff to input a lot of data from stockiest transactions and faced problem with the possibility of unclear facsimile document.
3 SAS can manage and control inventory or stock BV/ PV of stockiest. By using SAS, inventory will be automatically control by computer, avoid human mistake and increase efficiency of the employee. Uncontrolled stock product (BV/PV) of stockiest would cause product easy to be stolen / lost out of our attention, supposed of this, will make our company a big lost.
4 SAS distribute membership and sales entry at each stockiest.
5 SAS reducing mistake of data entry at Head Office and increasing efficiency.
6 SAS, tool to produce report quickly e.g. : product best seller, stock report, etc.
7 A business tool by Management for evaluate the productivity of Stockiest.
Feature of Stockiest Application System (SAS)
1 Easy to use navigation bar and menu, allow you to get to exactly where you need to be fast.
2 Easy to setup stockiest information and preference.
3 Automatically copy from the Purchase Order to the Voucher.
4 Automatically copy from the Voucher to the Received Merchandise.
5 Allow received merchandise directly from Voucher or after Voucher entry, and enable received merchandise more than one times.
6 Track stockiest purchase history and purchase details at the click of a button.
7 Track distributor sales history and sales detail at the click of a button.
8 Ensure you always have adequate supplies on hand by accurately tracking Qty Order, Qty Invoice, Qty Received, Qty Back Order and Qty Remaining.
9 Operate in Real time Mode so item quantities are updated immediately.
10 Different Entry and Apply Dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records.
11 Flexible Discount rate and shipping cost entry for stockiest.
12 SAS Offers a complete system for physical inventory management, and stockiest inventory management ( stock PV / BV of stockiest ).
13 Full range of Warehouse Transactions including sales, purchases, transfers, and adjustments.
14 Summary Items let you compare sales and purchases according to criteria you specify.
15 Multi Warehouse.
16 Allow inventory overselling, or restrict it with or without a warning.
17 Generate, send and download data from and to head office.

Transaction Screen

1 Purchase Order, Bill / Voucher, Received Merchandise.
2 Cash Bill / Invoice.
3 Inventory Transaction.
4 Transaction Type Maintenance.
5 Generate, Send, and download data.
6 Communication / Connection Setup.
7 Setup module.

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