PineappleTech MLM Software

PineappleTech MLM Software is used as a core application system ( back office application ) for MLM / Direct Selling Company....
This application used to help operational task and to manage all administration likes : Distributor Membership, Sales Management, Service Centre’s product purchase, Inventory, Promotion, Commission Compensation, Commission Payment, etc.

Features of PineappleTech MLM Software

1. Distributor Management
2. Sales Management
3. Stockiest Management
- Stockiest Product Purchase
- Invoice from Stockiest (Distributor Product urchase)
- Offers a complete system for physical inventory management, and stockiest inventory management, stock Point Value ( PV ) or Commission Value ( CV ).
4. Commission Calculation
  Accurate commission calculation based on Compensation Plan / Marketing Plan
- Accurate
- Clear
- Easy Tracking (Source of the calculated commission figure can be traced easily )
- Fast
- On Time
- Reliable
- Rollback commission processing
5. Inventory Control
6. Promotion Management
7. Strategic Management Report
8. Commission Payment Integration
9. Easy monitoring of commission payment
- Status of the payment
- How the commission was paid?
- Where the commission was transferred?
10. Flexible product setup, including commissionable values, tax and shipping cost.
11. Multiple pricing
12. Multi warehouse
13. Product Package Setup
14. Easy to use navigation bar and menu, allow you to get to exactly where you need to be fast.
15. Easy to setup company information and preference
16. Track stockiest purchase history and purchase detail at the click of a button
17. Track distributor sales history and sales detail at the click of a button
18. Real time invoicing
19. Real time genealogy
20. Real time personal group sales activity report
21. Different entry and transaction dates allow more flexible and accurate accounting records and commission rocessing records
22. Full range of warehouse transaction including sales, purchase, transfers, and adjustment.
23. Flexible to extract and send data to any third party source on demand
24. Powerful reporting, the open database gives you the ability to generate any report on demand.
25. Could be integrate with PineappleTech Accounting System ( PAS ), provide you with powerful and flexible Accounting Solutions that meet the demands of your ever growing business

Why PineappleTech MLM Software ?

PMS has been used widely by Direct Selling / MLM company at national and overseas include USA, Canada, Thailand, India, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.
Web based Application, developed using JAVA technology, the de facto standard for cross platform applications and programming on the World Wide Web
PMS has been proven to solve difficult problem that usually arise in MLM Company.
Supported by peoples who is experience in Information Technology and familiar with MLM / Direct Selling business.
Cost saving for long term investment
Flexible to integrated with other supporting software likes eCommerce, Mobile application, and Accounting & financial system.

Why Using Our Service ? ?

More than 15 year experience in Multi Level Marketing (MLM).
Communication with us is very easy as we know very well your business.
Our "MLM Application System" already used by more than 100 MLM company at Indonesia and overseas included USA, Canada, Australia, India, Phillippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Taiwan.
Our teams have been proven in qualiaty, service and experience in MLM.
Our engineer has been certified by the world more successful now, Sun Microsystem, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.
Free for consulting about system during development the application.
A 100% guaranteed for calculated bonus properly based on the Marketing Plan.
Ease of use and user friendly for our "MLM Application System"
Total solution that we deliver, whether intranet application or infrastructure given us the only company in the country that provide this kind of service.
Quality of the delivered solution is assured by our management.

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