Internet Online Monitoring

“Internet Online Monitoring” is used by company’s valuable distributor to monitor their downline sales organization, genealogy, online commission statement, personal group sales activity, and also to communicate with their network through Internet any time and any where.

Keys Features of Internet Online Monitoring
1 Login
2 Distributor Profile
3 Commission Statement ( summary and detail )
4 Genealogy
5 Downline sales organization
6 Personal group sales activity report
7 Setup News / Promotion especially for distributor
8 Collaboration ( chatting room, invite group member, tell to your friend )
9 Online sponsoring tools
What’s the business value ?
1 Real time genealogy – tools for manage their downline
2 Sales increasing.
3 fast bonus information / bonus statement delivery - Cost saving especially on delivery cost.
4 Monthly qualification alert – increase & maintenance sales revenue.
5 Member profile validation – customer satisfaction – minimize error
6 Fast information delivery – reduce cost ineffectively

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